“Kigonkis are loved not only for the sound, but also for the spirit that lays in every art piece.

Since 2009 we have been developing and creating sounds out of metals. Countless experiments gave birth to all the creations today we offer. All our models are the result of thousands of trials and mistakes. We are still learning. Just because there is a lot more to discover in the world of tongue instruments.

Our instrumentss are deep pressed, laser cut and hand painted processed. Therefore each piece is a unique piece of art.


We are a crew of five people working in family home enviroment, co-creating together since 2009. As musicians , designers, paiters, artisans  and freelancers , we have placed all those cualities in this beautiful project, trying to make all the creative ideas come true.

In the last eleven years we have passed through many phases and experiences, but despite of everything we have kept on going, always moving forward to improve the quality of our instruments, researching new refreshing  ideas and making always the whole process, a Little bit better.


In Kigonki we produce different kind of instruments. From the deep press , to the 3D laser cut, where tongues are pre-cut, to the welder, polishing, to the workshop. Each piece is tempered by fire and oven,  pretuned, repolished, painted and varnish, Just for the last touch of final tunning. The finishings are made one by one by two kind and joyfull women who love their dedication, caring about the details and the final sense of beauty of each piece.  Still discovering and trying new paitings, kigonkis are loved not only for the sound, but also for the spirit that lays in each colorful landscape.

Usually we take orders from our distributors and public for wich we take some time to finally deliver. The time of completing the order depends on the waiting list and the amount of unities. If the material is available for the specific demand, we may take 2-3 weeks to deliver the order, since we are customizing each piece for our clients. Nevertheless, we may have stock wich is displayed in our webshop.

When you place your order we start making it. The completion and delivery time is 10 to 20 days. It can be extended if the delivery list is longer. If you want to ask a question about delivery times, contact us!