This bells are made out of laminated brass rectangles that through a system of cuts and specific tuning techniques are harmonized to create sets. The world of Flat bells is immense and expanded, the combinations of notes and sound effects that can be achieved are infinite, whether used for music, therapy, healing, sound travel concerts and many others.

The sound that comes out of these instruments is harmonious, powerful, crystal clear and long lasting. Several frequencies are tuned for each bell. A fundamental with its octave, and other two overtones Higher fifth and third octave make each piece an instrument in itself. The combination of several bells results in a unique sound from which one can be deeply touched. The sound of the Flat bells is centanly one of the most impressive sound discoveries nowadays.

After a long investigation and practice of three years we are already happy to offer the possibility of having these wonderful sound objects.

We offer Bells in 5mm thick and in a range from C3 to C6. We make instruments of individual pieces as well as sets of up to 20 bells.

If you need help selecting your favorite bells, please contact us.

Listen to the sound of the bells here…