Set of Flat bells. 8 plates.


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Set of 8 Flat Bells.

Minor D : D3 – D4 – F4 – G4 – A4 – Bb4 – C5 – E5

440 hz

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Set of 8 flat bells tuned on a D minor scale with the intervals in the following order: D3 – D4 – F4 – G4 – A4 – Bb4 – C5 – E5

Deep and long-lasting relaxing sound. 1st and 2nd harmonic tuned on each bell. A total of three notes per bell that create a rich and attractive sound set, deeply hypnotic. Ideal for therapy sessions, concerts, recordings and all kinds of sound work, the flat bells are an indispensable complement for those who delve into the world of frequencies.

Tuned on 5 mm brass, each piece is carefully tuned and harmonized to create one of a kind soundscape set.

Each bell comes with its corresponding rope. Does not include stand.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 22 cm