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Once you have selected you favorite scale, finish and temperament, the product will be added to the chart, where the shipping cost corresponding to your area will be applied. The order will be made during the following 2-3 weeks and sent to your home by private mail. In Kigonki each instrument is made with care and dedication, each piece hand painted, so the final finish may vary slightly from the sample image. Since each piece it will be always unique.  Any Kigonki instrument can be harmonized in a temperament with A4 at 440 hertz or A4 at 432 hertz. If you require any other temperament or scale please write to us. 

If you live in Canada, Central América, South américa , Asia or Africa, please contact us to estimate your shipping cost.  If you live in Europe or USA feel free to check the shipping costs on the shopping chart.

Thanks for choosing Kigonki Instruments!